Revealing the Evil of the Christian Religion

The Truth About “Jesus Christ”

Many of you who visit this website know the facts regarding the Nazarene being a fictitious Jewish archetype for Gentiles to slavishly worship: – Above all the Nazarene is a diversion and distraction to keep humanity from true spirituality, from working on and advancing our own souls. The fictitious character of “Jesus” was invented from spiritual CONCEPTS originating in the Far East, such as spiritual alchemy, the kundalini energy, and what is known as the “vril” “chi” “life-force” and “witchpower.”

Truth be known, one saves one’s own soul through advancing spiritually, and activating this power. The Nazarene is a deterrent to this and keeps humanity from doing anything spiritually, and keeps humanity enslaved through living a totally material existence. Christians cannot argue, as they do not know true spirituality. They have not experienced it. How many Christian preachers/priests can diagram the human soul?

Once one’s eyes are opened and one is aware of the witchpower concept, one can clearly see how this character was invented. The fictitious character of the Nazarene:

-Has been used to remove all spiritual knowledge and replace it with Jewish archetypes, Jewish cities, towns, and other fictitious Jewish material crap. The Jesus saves” baloney [ad nauseum] and the “born again” phrases have been twisted and incorporated into this fictitious character. In other words, deluded ones have been deceived into believing this character will take care of everything spiritual as long as they conform to the agenda. This deters one from working on one’s own spirituality. There is nothing at all spiritual about the Nazarene, or the Jewish invented Christian program.

-The “Jesus” character has acted as the thought police for ultimate control. Wars have been fought repeatedly over beliefs and ideas. When the enemy controls what is in the mind of humanity, the enemy then controls humanity.

-Since the Nazarene is fictitious, he can be anything to anyone. He is whatever the current system claims and dictates. He changes with the times and conforms to any agenda, no different from the Judeo/Christian Bible which is has verses and contradictions to suit any argument or purpose. [See The Ubiquitous Nazarene: ]

It is time everyone wakes up to the spiritual corruption that has played humanity to the tune of trillions and trillions of dollars, damned souls, unnecessary wars, held back science [dangerously], and everything else the kosher parasites have taken their deluded Gentile followers for a ride with. The Christian program, along with the hideous doctrines of Islam have prevented and stopped humanity from evolving spiritually.

Each event in the fictitious life of the Nazarene reveals a CONCEPT, STOLEN AND CORRUPTED FROM PAGAN RELIGIONS PREDATING CHRISTIANITY.

The birth of the Nazarene is said to have been in a cave, not in a stable. “Early Christian tradition suggests that Jesus was born in a cave that was used as a stable.”2 Many doctrines predating Christianity, such as the religion of Taoism, state that the pineal gland is within a “cave.” There is an area within the brain where this very important spiritual center is located, which feels like a hollow and is the seat of this
very important gland, which is defunct in most people. A very important key to opening the soul and advancing spiritually is through activating the pineal gland.

There were the “Three Wise Men from the East” who “FOLLOWED THE STAR” to the birth place of the Nazarene. These “Wise Men” were mages [The Magi], otherwise known as practitioners of witchcraft, as this is what a mage is. Again, this is symbolic of a concept, stolen from Spiritual Alchemy. For those who are new to the occult and meditation, [true spirituality] you will have to do some further research and study [see Joy of Satan: ] but for those of us who meditate, we know of the condensed vril/witchpower which is circulated through the chakras, and appears as a star. This is the true meaning of “follow the star.”

Again, the number three, like the number seven [the seven chakras] crops up in the three mages and this is symbolic of the ida, the pingala, and the sushumna, the three main nadis of the soul, and also the three knots of the chakras. The concept of the number three has been prolific in Pagan religions that preceded Christianity by hundreds to thousands of years, and is symbolized by the “Devil’s Pitchfork” known
as a “Trishul” which originated in the Far East. The Trishul symbolizes the serpentine energy piercing through the three granthis. [See Satanic Symbols: ] The numbers three and seven are used extensively in the Judeo/Christian Bible where they have been blasphemed and corrupted.

The “virgin birth” is another corrupted concept in that the chakras have to be clean and unobstructed for spiritual energy to ascend and circulate. In other words, this is the true meaning of “pure.” The union with the fictitious deity symbolizes the divine spirituality involved in raising the witchpower, not fictitious YHVH: which is nothing more than Jewish magick to enslave Gentiles.

The supposed crucifixion of this imposter character was stolen from some 18 different Pagan Gods who hung from a tree. In the Christian bible, there is more than one verse that states the Nazarene was hung from a tree:

Acts 5:30 – The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree.
Acts 13:29 – And when they had fulfilled all that was written of him, they took him down from the tree, and laid him in a sepulcher.

The Norse God Odin preceded Jesus the Christ. Odin hung from a tree and experienced a death of sorts to obtain knowledge. Through being “reborn,” he obtained gnosis [advanced spiritual knowledge], as did the Egyptian God Set who was “crucified” on a “cross” known as a furka.1 This is also the meaning of the hanged man card in the Tarot. Buddha also sat beneath a “Bo Tree.” “Bo” is of “Boa” meaning “serpent” the kundalini. The tree is an ancient depiction of the human soul, with the trunk being symbolic of the spine and the branches symbolizing the 144,000 nadis with the leaves and fruits symbolizing the fruits of meditations; the life force and powers of the mind and soul. In addition, Krishna, Marsyas, Dodonian, and Zeus also hung from trees. “144,000” is another Jewish/Christian Biblical corruption of an allegory having to do with one’s chi-force or “witchpower.”

Nearly everything in the Judeo/Christian Bible was stolen and corrupted from religions in the Far East. The supposed biblical creation in which they claim the fictitious “Garden of Eden” was in Mesopotamia, is to purposely misdirect and delude people away from looking to the Far East, as this is where civilization began and true spiritual teachings originated. Sadly, because of Christian infestation in these areas,
many of the doctrines have since been corrupted.

The Latin cross was not a part of Christianity until the 7th century and not fully acknowledged until the 9th century. In addition, the human soul is in the shape of a cross. This reveals how spiritual knowledge has been destroyed and replaced with nonsense. The cross also represents the all-important four quarters.

The eclipse said to have occurred during the supposed “crucifixion” of the Nazarene also symbolizes the nigredo stage in spiritual alchemy, of blackness. This stage is also symbolized by the black crow and the Black Sun.

The three crucifixions, with the Nazarene being in the middle [2 others in the legend were supposedly crucified with the Nazarene] is another allegory symbolizing the main heart chakra and the three knots, also known as “granthis” in Sanskrit. These knots are at the base, heart and sixth chakras and must be opened before the kundalini can ascend. The heart chakra is located in the middle and is the connector between the upper and lower chakras.

The Nazarene’s ascent into “Heaven” is another concept of the kundalini rising to the crown chakra. Heaven, Earth, and Hell are all concepts stolen from Taoism, which preceded Christianity and Judaism. Heaven is symbolic of the seventh chakra, also known as the “crown chakra.” The earth or “middle kingdom” is symbolic of the heart chakra and “Hell” symbolizes the base chakra, where the hot fiery serpent kundalini
lies dormant.

The “miracles” that the fictitious Nazarene performed are also an ALLEGORY and a CONCEPT of what the witchpower can do. The prophesies of the Nazarene are also ALLEGORIES of the psychic abilities that result from activating one’s own witchpower.

The 12 apostles are corruptions of the 12 signs of the zodiac and also symbolize the witch’s coven, along with the Nazarene, being the 13th member. Traditionally, there are 13 members to a coven. There are also 13 primary chakras within the human soul.

The Nazarene lived for a supposed 33 years. This again is another concept- the 33 vertebrae of the human spine where the kundalini serpent ascends, which is a major advancement for the witchpower.

In closing this article, my own research has shown me Christianity is not “2,000 years old” as they try to claim it is. From what I personally believe, Christianity arrived with The Inquisition:

Research points to the Vatican making a deal with extra-terrestrials known as “greys,” wealth and power in exchange for human souls. In order for this to succeed, all spiritual knowledge had to be destroyed.

The Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects” by Barbara G. Walker, Page 54.